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Corazon Mexicano

Zapopan Jalisco 45116

We believe in the diversity of the ethnic groups and of the villages. We support the marginal communities of the country.

It delights us to see the mark of our Mexican Gastronomy worldwide. Our journeys to the interior of Mexico always left us with feeling of the richness of our traditions and the warmth of sharing something different in every region.

The joy of every visit to Guadalajara, Jalisco, land of the Mariachi, where we rushed to try the “tortas ahogadas” (drowned sandwiches), the delicious “birria” (goat stew), and so many other regional dishes, always accompanied by very cold Tejuino to cool and refresh us.

And in the Southeast, with its magical beaches, its ruins we enjoyed its delicious Pozol with the sweet and refreshing notes of its many adaptations in the Mayan Region.

And so was born the idea of creating a commercial version of these fresh and refreshing beverages, with absolute hygienic processes in its production, without losing the PreHispanic essence of the original recipe.

We began the production and bottling of our first products with affection and care remembering Mi Tejuino y Mi Pozol on the marvelous trips…

Corazón Mexicano®

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