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3020 N 33RD Drive
Phoenix AZ 85017
About Us

Kilkenny Wine Group was born with the experience accumulated in California during many years in the commercialization of large tequila plants in quality but small production. They are not tequilas dedicated to the big consumption, as it can happen with certain brands that are even in the gas stations. We are talking about tequilas made in the same way that they were made so many years ago, in an artisan way, with extreme care and dedication. They are tequilas chosen with high quality criteria, especially indicated for the true lovers of tequila and who know how to value the real tequila.

Our selection of wines, Spanish and Mexican, are chosen among the most stable and rigorous wine cellars, which year after year elaborate with the same quality standard in their best wines, and these are the ones that we bottled to offer them to the North American market, knowing of their tastes and high level of demand. As with tequilas, we are not talking about large productions that massify the market; our wines are destined to the pleasure that a good wine provokes on the palate, and dedicated to those who know how to enjoy them.

Kilkenny Wine Group

3020 N 33rd Drive, Phoenix AZ 85017

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