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Vantari Genetics, LLC

"Vantari Genetics, LLC"

About Us
Vantari Genetics, LLC was formed with the vision of offering rapid, accurate, personalized genomic testing on a national scale. By combining an elite sales force with current scientific evidence and high-throughput DNA analysis technology, we bring an industry leader approach to offering genetic testing services to our patients and physicians in a highly competitive environment. Vantari Genetics provides rapid, accurate, personalized genomic testing to help determine what medications are right for you. The traits we have are a product of receiving a set of chromosomes from our Mother and Father. Some traits are visible, such as eye color. Others are not visible, such as the way your body will process prescription medications. To detect if you could be harmed from a prescription medication, a genetic test should be done. By looking for small variations within specific genes, Vantari provides your physician with the information they need to determine the appropriate medication and dosage
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