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XN Solutions


At XN Solutions, we are performance marketing strategists. Founded by ex-Googler Vrinda Mamundi, the services we provide are based off our 3 founding pillars - to consult, to implement, to educate.

We specialize in creating marketing strategies whose success is measured through quantifiable goals and timelines. We also create optimize and manage any digital paid advertising campaigns from Google ads to Facebook ads and more.

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H.E.L.P Client Testimonial

Watch the founders of H.E.L.P - Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership share how XN Solutions' customized approach to marketing and strategic planning helped them realize their H.E.L.PSnackz

R&R Client Testimonial

Robert Gruler is one of the founders of R&R Law Group here in Scottsdale, AZ. Working closely with his team, we were able to get them over a 2.5x return on their ad spend.

Services we Offer

XN Solutions - your performance marketing firm. Many agencies look at marketing as a separate entity in itself and therefore many a times, we see a disconnect in brand identity, messaging and user experience.

Results Generated

In this video, our President - Vrinda Mamundi shares the performance of one of our client's - a health & wellness E-commerce store. With complete transparency to their analytics, she walks you through how our customized Pay Per Click strategy successfully
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