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Navigating Summer Travel with Access Auto Insurance


Summer is synonymous with road trips, scenic drives, and memorable vacations. As you plan your summer adventures, it's important to understand how your auto insurance can support you. At Access Insurance Agency of Arizona, LLC, we're committed to ensuring you have the right insurance policy no matter where the road takes you. Here are some key considerations for summer travel:

Increased mileage

Summer travel often means logging more miles on your vehicle. Whether you're visiting national parks or cruising along the coast, the added mileage can affect your car's condition and your insurance policy. Some insurance plans consider annual mileage when calculating premiums. Be mindful of how your summer trips might influence your rates and discuss any significant changes with your agent.

Different terrain

Driving through various terrain-like mountains, deserts, and coastal roads can be exhilarating for you but challenging on your car because it can increase wear and tear. Ensure your car is in excellent running condition before and after your trips. If unmanaged, rough terrain could impair the suspension system and lead to greater damage.

Longer trips

Extended travel periods expose you to increased risks on the road. Whether you're navigating long highway stretches or unfamiliar city streets, the chances of encountering issues rise. To enhance safety, inspect your vehicle at every stop during long trips. Check your tires for adequate pressure and ensure there are no fluid leaks. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent you from being stranded with a flat tire, especially in remote areas. Moreover, old or worn-out tires significantly raise the risk of a blowout, which could lead to a rollover accident endangering you and your passengers.

Potential for accidents

Increased summer traffic, combined with unfamiliar routes, can elevate the risk of accidents. Access Insurance offers policies designed to help you from the financial impact of the high cost of vehicle repairs. Save yourself the worry of being uninsured and contact one of our Access agents today to discuss your insurance needs.

Rental cars

Many travelers opt for rental cars during vacations. Whether it's for convenience or to preserve your personal vehicle, rental cars require temporary insurance coverage. Check if your current policy extends to rental cars, saving you from purchasing additional insurance from the rental company.

Mileage impact

As previously mentioned, the number of miles driven annually can impact your insurance rates. Significant summer travel might increase your annual mileage, potentially affecting your premiums. Keep your Access agent informed about any substantial changes in your driving habits.

Coverage for road trips

Ensure your policy adequately covers road trips and long-distance travel. Comprehensive coverage is particularly beneficial as it can help pay for damages caused by against various risks while driving including weather-related damages, cracked windshield, or wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVC).  

At Access Insurance, we understand the unique challenges and joys of summer travel. Our goal is to ensure you have the right coverage to enjoy your road trips with confidence and peace of mind.

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Safe travels!


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