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Miranda's Creative

6264 East Duncan St
Mesa AZ 85202, United States
Dr. Anita Miranda - Owner

MIRANDA’S CREATIVES, LLC brings together expertise for strategic planning, communications, and content development coupled with business acumen and coaching for on-camera and media success. We also offer publishing services to help you expand the reach of your story. All to the benefit of our charity of choice, Circle of Helping Hands (COHH) 501(c)(3). 

When success matters, you have the right to an experienced team. We are a Multi-Media Agency with a strong track record providing design, development, and deployment plus a full suite of support, we discover the hidden gems in your story. We start with your persona and build out your reputation. If you desire a customized brand, a digitized website with automation, clear copy and content, and proven best-seller publishing, we are the team you need. Red Carpet Institute, a division of Miranda's Creatives, has a successful track record of teaching clients how to be camera ready in front of and behind the camera. We are innovators in the industry. Our mission is to build your dream from concept to opportunity.

Our strategic allies bring experience from advertising and marketing, education and personal development, video and audio production, writing, and editing across a variety of industries to provide complete service from concept to creation to execution. We align internal forces to create an impact community-wide. Miranda’s Creatives, LLC will design and execute a powerful communication event with clarity, consistency, and care.

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